First Board meeting of ASTRONET - coordinating European astronomy

Jeudi, 22 décembre 2016

Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, the re-born ASTRONET has held its first Board meeting, hosted by the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Representatives from agencies in France (CNRS), Netherlands (NWO) Italy (INAF), Belgium (FWO), UK (STFC) and ESO met to agree the initial workplan for the ASTRONET collaboration, set up under EU Framework funding and now independently supported.

It is expected that many other European agencies and organisations representing national astronomy communities will join in the coming months. Astronet aims to provide a discussion forum for the coordination of European astronomy; develop and update common long term strategies through a Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy, and to participate in developing the European scientific strategy with organisations such as the European Union, Science Europe and the European Astromical Society (EAS). It is intended that ASTRONET will include all aspects of astronomy, from cosmology to planetary exploration and solar studies. ASTRONET is particularly pleased to have ESO as a member and looks forward to working with representatives of the European Spatial Agency (ESA), and other European and global astronomy interests.

The new ASTRONET Board chair, Dr Ronald Stark (NWO) said: “ASTRONET will provide an outstanding opportunity to build upon the Science Vision and Roadmaps for European astronomy, delivered by its predecessor.  We look forward to the challenges of enhancing coordination between the diverse and widespread community of astronomers across Europe”.

From left to right: Conny AERTS (Belgium, FWO), Denis MOURARD (France, CNRS), Ronald STARK (The Netherlands, NWO), Colin VINCENT (United Kingdom, STFC), Rob IVISON (ESO), Saskia MATHEUSSEN (The Netherlands, NWO), Luca VALENZIANO (Italy, INAF, participation by visioconf). Crédits : ASTRONET