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An image of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and stars. Free of copyright under Creative Commons CC0.

  • Co-ordinating research in Earth Sciences and Astronomy

The Zagros mountains, between Iran and Iraq, as seen from the Landsat 7 satellite, showing faulting and folding caused by the collision between the Arabian and Eurasian plates. © Stéphane DOMINGUEZ / Géosciences Montpellier / CNRS Photothèque

  • Organizational Chart

Laser beams emitted by the Maïdo observatory situated at on Reunion Island an altitude of 2200 metres to measure the ozone layer, aerosols, water vapour and the temperature of the atmosphere. © Thibaut VERGOZ / OSU - Réunion / CNRS Photothèque

  • Authorities

Le Gouerou Beach at Lampaul-Plouarzel in the Finistère region. This foreshore is subjected to particularly intense hydrodynamics. © « Domaines Océaniques », France Floc’h, UBO


Eruption of the Yasur volcano situated on Tanna Island in Vanuatu. © Thibaut VERGOZ/IRD/CNRS Photothèque

  • Original research structures

The INSU's coastal vessel Antedon which is dedicated to coastal oceanographic activities. © DT INSU-CNRS
The federating role of the observatories of the sciences of the Universe: Aerial view of the Pic-du-Midi Observatory. © Sébastien CHASTANET / CNRS Photothèque
National observation services: Replacement of surveillance cameras installed on the edge of the large Dolomieu crater of the Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island. © Thibaut VERGOZ / UMS-IPGP / CNRS Photothèque

  • Tools

Alignment checks on the spectrograph of the SPIRou instrument of the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope (CFHT). © Sébastien CHASTANET / OMP / IRAP / CNRS Photothèque
Research infrastructures: In front of the Franco-Italian base Concordia on Dome C of Antarctica. The DC3 is used for liaisons between Concordia and the Dumont d'Urville and Mario Zucchelli bases. © Pascal ROBERT / OTELo / CNRS Photothèque
Data centres and poles: A flux tower used to measure greenhouse gas emissions on La Guette peat bogs site in Neuvy-sur-Barangeon in the Cher region. © Cyril FRESILLON / ISTO / CNRS Photothèque

  • Technical and human means

3D image from Nasa showing the InSight NASA/JPL-Caltech lander (


The Falcon 20 of the French Facility for Airborne Research (Safire) landing at Toulouse-Blagnac airport. © Cyril FRESILLON / Safire / CNRS Photothèque

  • From the centre of the Earth to the confines of the Universe

Water collection in a stream containing many particles as part of the study of flood flows at the outlet of the Houay Pano experimental watershed (Laos) of the OZCAR Research Infrastructure. © Guillaume Nord

  • Identifying important issues for the future: scientific prospective studies

Laser beam from the MéO telescope at the Côte d'Azur (French Riviera) Observatory which can be used to measure distances between the Earth and the Moon. © Cyril FRESILLON / GEOAZUR / FIRST-TF / CNRS Photothèque

  • National programmes

Mesocosms set up in 2010 in King's Bay off the coast of Ny-Alesund in Norway to study the environmental effects of ocean acidification. © Jean-Pierre GATTUSO / LOV / UPMC / CNRS Photothèque

  • Innovation by and for research

Aitoff map projection of a high definition numerical simulation of the radial magnetic field on the surface of the Earth's core. © Nathanael SCHAEFFER / ISTERRE / CNRS Photothèque


Red Stones, Atacama desert, Chile. © Wescottm / free licence (,_Atacama_Desert,_Chile.jpg)

  • A major player in European

VersionThe June 2009 version of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) in its enclosure. © ESO / free licence (

  • Strategic agendas and international programmes

Icebergs in the High Arctic. © Brocken Inaglory / licence gratuite (

  • Collaboration projects on all continents

Folds and overlaps in the Tajik Basin, Tajikistan, Central Asia. © Denis GAPAIS / CNRS Photothèque

  •   The Europe and international Service

The team which installed MUSE (Multi unit spectroscopic explorer) at the Paranal Observatory in Chile. © Eric LE ROUX / ESO / Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 / CNRS Photothèque


  • Other prizes and awards

Illustration of HD188774, the first magnetic delta Scuti star discovered using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT). © Sylvain CNUDDE/LESIA / Observatoire de Paris / CNRS Photothèque

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Space for lab

Ice, the new infrastructure for climate and environmental science. © Didier Touzeau / CEA

Space for the general public

A scientist inspecting the Argentière Glacier (Mont-Blanc massif) for the surface installation of a network of seismometers. © Nicolas BAKER / ISTERRE / CNRS Photothèque

  • Books

Solar corona during the total solar eclipse of August 21st 2017 observed from Idaho in the United States. © Jean MOUETTE / IAP / CNRS Photothèque

  • Videos

A scientist inspecting the Argentière Glacier (Mont-Blanc massif) for the surface installation of a network of seismometers. © Nicolas BAKER / ISTERRE / CNRS Photothèque

  • Other resources

Catching ladybugs with a sweep net, in the Armorica Zone Atelier (Workshop Zone) where research is carried out on the relations between societal and environmental dynamics. © Cyril FRESILLON / CNRS Photothèque