Collaboration projects on all continents

In close collaboration with the CNRS European Research and International Cooperation Department (Derci), the INSU develops cooperation agreements in all areas of Earth and Universe sciences with numerous partners in other countries.

These agreements enable researchers and laboratories to exchange with the best international teams to access fields and objects for study on the scale of the planet or even the Universe.

4 international joint units
12 international research programmes
6 international research networks
35 international scientific cooperation programmes
31 joint research projects

he INSU is now present on all continents through around 80 international cooperation projects with varying levels of structuring which are funded by the Institute.

Map of the INSU's international projects

The example of Takuvik, the international Franco-Canadian laboratory

Takuvik was set up in 2011 by Laval University and the CNRS and aims to study the Arctic environment and especially the impact of current climatic and anthropogenic environmental disturbances on Arctic, marine and terrestrial ecosystems and geosystems.