Strategic agendas and international programmes

Participating in European and international prospective studies, strategic agendas, programmes and networks have become essential to help define the major scientific directions required to respond effectively to global challenges.

As an extension of its national missions, the INSU coordinates or participates in joint programming actions, the development of strategic agendas and prospective studies at the European level (in particular within the framework of Horizon 2020) and in international programmes.
Among these networks, Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) aim to establish a strategic agenda on a European scale to respond to major societal challenges. They constitute the general framework for coordinating calls for joint projects between European funding agencies.


  • JPI Climat (Joint Programming Initiative on Climate)
  • ERA4CS (European research Area for Climate Services) - Joint call for proposals


  • JPI Ocean (Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans)


Work carried out in the framework of nine H2020 projects and one FP7 project is helping to construct the EU Arctic cluster, a network that collects the most recent results on Arctic change and its global consequences. Its objective is to provide policy-relevant guidance and information and to enable Europe to help international cooperation advance, respond to the impacts of climate change on the Arctic environment and promote and contribute to sustainable development. (Video in French)


  • ERANET-MED (Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation through ERANET Joint Activities and Beyond) - Joint call for proposals
  • BLUEMED (Research and Innovation Initiative for blue jobs and growth in the Mediterranean area) - Strategic agenda

Solid Earth

  • ERA-MIN (European Research Area on non-energy MINeral resources) - Strategic agenda and joint call for proposals

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Global change

  • ERA-Planet (European network to coordinate Earth Observation for our changing planet) - Joint call for proposals
  • Future Earth - Programming

Future Earth

Future Earth is an international research programme which has been running for 10 years. Its aim is to enhance knowledge on the environmental and human aspects of global change and find solutions for sustainable development.